Lip Pencils

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Explore our complete range of non-drying MAC lip liners, designed for outlining or filling in the lip to prevent smudging and bleeding of your lipsticks. Smooth and creamy in texture, our best lip pencils apply quickly and precisely, and promise to leave your lips hydrated and ready for your favourite MAC lipstick or lip gloss.

Browse our wide selection of lip pencil shades and choose the ones that match your go-to lipstick colours. Unsure which lipstick goes with which liner? Explore our range of Lip Duos for expert-approved combinations. With the MAC lip pencil collection, achieving a texture that won’t skip or drag has never been simpler.

Be sure to prep your lips with our lip primers to create a perfect base for the application of your lip pencil and if you’re not sure which lipstick and lip pencil shade to opt for, use our Lipstick Shade Finder. Our long-lasting formula will ensure your lip liner will last all day long, meaning you can look your best from day to night, ready for whatever fun comes your way.