Searching for your next favourite eye shadow? Explore our Eye Shadow Finder to compare shades and finishes on different skin tones.
Eye Shadow - Amber Lights
Amber Lights
Eye Shadow - Coquette
Dazzleshadow Liquid - Every Day Is Sunshine
Every Day Is Sunshine
Eye Shadow - Paradisco
Eye Shadow - Swiss Chocolate
Swiss Chocolate
Eye Shadow - Saddle
Eye Shadow - Print
Eye Shadow - Carbon
Eye Shadow - Cork
Eye Shadow - Malt
Eye Shadow - Girlie
Eye Shadow - Satin Taupe
Satin Taupe
Eye Shadow - Charcoal Brown
Charcoal Brown
Extra Dimension Eye Shadow - Smoky Mauve
Smoky Mauve
Eye Shadow - Omega
Extra Dimension Eye Shadow - Amorous Alloy
Amorous Alloy


Choosing different eyeshadow shades is one of the best parts of doing your makeup. There’s so much room for expressive creativity, and you can really transform your look with a vibrant new eyeshadow colour. MAC eye shadow is renowned for its quality, durability and impressive colour range. You can achieve the same results as professional makeup artists with eyeshadow palettes from MAC.

Blue eyeshadow is an enduring classic for a reason: it has a timeless glamour that is effortlessly flattering. MAC has blue eyeshadow in a matte finish for subtle elegance, as well as dazzling metallic-finish eyeshadows that will make a striking impact wherever you go.

Another alluring option is a MAC green eyeshadow available in matte, cream, metallic and glitter. Shades of green look phenomenal on people with blue, green or hazel eyes, as they can make your eyes appear bigger and brighter. Compliment your shimmering green eyeshadow with a popping pair of green earrings, a silk scarf, or matching hair accessories.

Get a unique pink eyeshadow look with Honeylust and All That Glitters eyeshadow shades  from MAC. These are two of our most popular shades, offering dimensional colour that can be beautifully offset with a pink lipstick.