Developed with makeup professionals in mind, our collection of hybrid makeup features a range of versatile products that provide multiple benefits all in one and are perfect to create natural and advanced looks alike, whether you work in theatre, TV or fashion runways.

Shop our multi-use glitter, which can be applied to the face, body and hair, and promises to make you shine no matter where you go. Try our highly concentrated, highly versatile loose powder, available in 15+ shades, and add a pinch of colour to any makeup, or go for a subtle yet shimmery look, with a clear gel, perfect to add polish and shine to the body and face.

Looking for a multipurpose face mist? Our Prep + Prime Fix+ isn’t only the holy grail of hydrating mists, but it also works as a highly effective setting spray. Thanks to its powerful ingredients, including green tea, chamomile and vitamins, this makeup hybrid provides an instant boost of hydration while maintaining the quality of your makeup for up to 12 hours.

Perfect for any makeup artist (or beauty minimalist), hybrid makeup is all about combining multiple skin care benefits in one single product. Pair these multi use makeup products with the right tools, from brushes to sponges and other accessories, and upgrade your makeup collection today.


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