Get The Sherbert Stain Look:

1. Apply Lipstick in Morange to the centre of the lips using a 231 Brush.
2. Diffuse outwards, to fill in lips, with a 217 Brush.
3. Apply Lip Pencil in Cherry to the centre of the lips and gently diffuse out with a 228 Brush.
4. With the same 231 Brush, gently blend the two colours together.

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Get The Merlot Stain Look

Inviting, a bit dangerous, completely irresistible. Flaunt the forbidden fruit with The Merlot Stain.

Get The Popsicle Look

The classic poolside treat creates the perfect pout. Wear your summer sugar fix proudly with The Popsicle Stain!

Get The Ruby Fizz Stain Look

Ruby Woo, applied with sweet, smoothie-like shine, gets the juiciest twist in The Ruby Stain.