Introducing Parris Goebel, the face of M·A·C Australia’s New Campaign

Introducing Parris Goebel, the face of M·A·C Australia’s New Campaign

Parris Goebel on Ruby Woo, where she found her confidence and the power of makeup


If you happened to catch the 2020 Superbowl – and let’s be real the half-time show is likely the only reason we watched the Superbowl – then you would have been floored by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s iconic and seamless performance, expertly navigating their vocals and intricate choreography simultaneously. J.Lo’s fancy footwork was the creative genius of none other than New-Zealand native Parris Goebel, the 28-year-old choreographer and creative director who has been on speed-dial for the music industry since she landed her first major gig choreographing J.Lo’s world tour at just 19.

Goebel has since worked with the likes of Rihanna, Janet Jackson and Justin Bieber – she starred in and directed the choreography in his 2012 hit single Sorry, which at last count had over 3.2 billion views on YouTube. In her latest role, she fronts M·A·C Cosmetics Australia’s new campaign, with makeup and creative direction by M·A·C Cosmetics New Zealand Global Senior Artist Kiekie. A self-confessed M·A·C lover, Goebel flaunts her signature red lipstick Retro Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo in the campaign, her individuality, confidence, and empowered approach to makeup embodying M·A·C’s ethos and giving the partnership a natural synergy.

“I believe the first product I bought was Ruby Woo,” she explains. “I wasn’t wearing foundation around that time but I really wanted to start wearing red lipstick and became obsessed with it,” she explains. “When I found Ruby Woo, it was the perfect red. I always feel like in the evening or if I just want to look super glam, I’ll do a simple winged eyeliner and then make my lip pop with a red.”

Her unique style is evident throughout not just her sartorial choices but also her makeup; Goebel isn’t afraid to bend the beauty rules. “I feel with makeup, there are no rules,” she says. “Within my style I’m not afraid to try things; I never follow the rules in life so when it comes to style, I like to push the envelope – especially with makeup. I love colour so I’m not afraid of a blue eye or a bright pink lip and I find I can be experimental; I can have fun with makeup and can use it to amplify my mood. If I’m feeling adventurous and I want to have sparkles on my eyes or bright pink cheeks, you can play with M·A·C products like that.”

Her approach and confidence are admirable, which she says comes from her experience as a dancer. “You can’t put yourself on stage in front of a million people and not be confident,” she explains. “I think through dance I’ve found that confidence, and the older I’ve grown, I’ve found confidence in being a woman, loving myself and understanding I am unique and beautiful the way I am.”

WORDS: Hayley D’Onofrio
INTERVIEW: Mackenzie Robertson
MAKEUP & CREATIVE DIRECTION: M·A·C Global Senior Artist New Zealand, Kiekie Stanners
PHOTOGRAPHY: Karen Inderbitzen-Waller and Delphine Avril Planqueel