How To Create a Radiant Dewy Makeup Look

How To Create a Radiant Dewy Makeup Look

The dewy makeup look has become an absolute sensation in the beauty world, and it's not hard to see why. A natural, dewy makeup look works wonders in giving your skin a luminous radiance akin to a gentle, sun-kissed glow from within. If you've been longing for that long-lasting, lit-from-within skin, you're in the right place. Check out the secrets of achieving a radiant, dewy makeup look that will leave you looking and feeling fabulous.

What are the best dewy makeup products?

When creating a dewy makeup look, the products you choose play a pivotal role. To achieve that coveted dewy finish, pick makeup products containing hydrating ingredients. These ingredients provide a radiant glow and help your skin's barrier retain essential moisture. Cream and liquid formulas are your best allies in the quest for a dewy complexion.

How to create a dewy makeup look?

To achieve the ultimate dewy makeup look, you must follow the correct steps and use the right products. From skincare and primer to foundation, blush, finishing spray and lips, it’s important to choose hydrating products to help bring out your natural glow.

Step 1: Start with Skincare

Begin your journey to dewy perfection with a solid skincare routine. The Canvas Cleansing Oil, Serumizer and Skincanvas Balm form a three-step skincare regimen that paves the way to a radiant, dewy makeup look. Hydration is the name of the game, and ingredients like hyaluronic acid are your best friends in this phase. A well-hydrated base is crucial for achieving a dewy glow and will help to alleviate any dryness or flaking from your foundation and blush.

Step 2: Prep Your Base with a Primer

For the perfect canvas for a dewy makeup look, use the Studio Radiance Moisturising Illuminating Silky Primer and Strobe Cream. These products prime your skin and add a touch of illumination. They work harmoniously to enhance your natural, dewy look, creating a luminous base for your makeup.

Step 3: Apply a Dewy Finish Foundation

Introducing the best dewy foundation — the new Studio Radiance Serum Powered Foundation. This foundation is designed to deliver a radiant finish while providing your skin with 24-hour hydration. It's the foundation you've been waiting for to achieve dewy perfection.

Step 4: Add a Pop of Colour with Blush

Next, use the Glow Play Blush. Creamy blush formulas work wonders for a dewy makeup look. They blend seamlessly into your skin, creating a soft, flushed effect that complements your overall radiance.

Step 5: Add Shine to Your Lips

For your lips, opt for the Glow Play Lip Balm or Lipglass for a clear finish with a touch of shine. These lip products provide that much-needed sheen and offer hydration and comfort, ensuring your lips look as luscious as the rest of your dewy makeup look.

Step 6: Lock Your Look with a Finishing Spray

To seal the deal and make your dewy makeup look last all day, reach for the Fix+ Stay Over spray. This finishing spray locks your makeup in place and adds a final touch of hydration. It's the ultimate step to ensure your radiant look stays flawless throughout the day.

Achieving a radiant, dewy makeup look is all about choosing the right products and following the right steps. A dewy finish is all about enhancing your natural beauty, and with a proper skincare and makeup routine, you can effortlessly achieve that coveted lit-from-within radiance. So, embrace the dewy makeup trend and let your inner glow shine through. With the right products and a little know-how, you can achieve a dewy makeup look that turns heads and leaves you feeling absolutely radiant.