Q&A With M·A·C Senior Artist Netta Szekely on Fix+ Magic Radiance

Q&A With M·A·C Senior Artist Netta Szekely on Fix+ Magic Radiance

If you’ve ever watched a makeup artist in action, you’ll notice they’re a lot like a mixologist – they take just little bit of that and add a little of this and they can literally create magic using a combination of makeup products. That’s exactly what happened when Global Senior Artist Netta Szekely was working backstage at fashion week, when she used a combination of products, also known as her ‘Magic Mix’, that has now been turned into a brand new, real-life M·A·C product – Fix+ Magic Radiance. Here, we quizzed Szekely on how and why she created this secret blend – and exactly what she loves most about this facial in a bottle.

M·A·C Insider: Can you please talk us through how Fix + Magic Radiance was created? 

Netta Szekely: “Fix+ Magic Radiance was created a few years back when I thought instead of using three products individually – the original Fix+, Softening Lotion and Prep + Prime Essential Oils. I love all of these three products and I would use them on top of one another so I thought since they are all liquids, let’s combine them all into one container and just spritz it on! Fix + Magic Radiance is one product to use that preps the skin perfectly because you have the skin-softening qualities from the Softening Lotion, you have the extra bit of luminosity and that’s from the glow and radiance from the Prep + Prime Essential Oils and then you have Fix + to hydrate, so it’s a three in one!”

M·A·C Insider: What do you love about Fix + Magic Radiance? 

Netta Szekely: “It’s a one-stop shop; you’re literally one step away from your best skin. It’s minimal amount of effort but you get maximum effect, it gives immediate results, you can see the glow, you can feel the hydration, and we’ve added all of these great ingredients in there.” 
M·A·C Insider: Can you please explain how to use Fix+ Magic Radiance?

Netta Szekely: “It’s a skincare product so you use it on clean skin as the first step and if you’re super, super dry and dehydrated then you can use an extra something on top. If you have normal skin or normal to dry or normal to oily, you can use it alone, and then it’s the perfect prep for makeup and you just slap the makeup on top of it!” 

M·A·C Insider: Do you have any other tips you can share for using Fix+ Magic Radiance?

Netta Szekely: “I love using cotton pads, soaking them in Fix+ Magic Radiance and laying them on top of the skin for a few minutes as a hydrating mask and a Japanese-inspired skin treatment, or using it around the eye area with a [blending sponge].”