Brush Canister/Large

A large brush canister that holds up to 25 brushes with compartmentalised sections.

Holds 25 Brushes, Compartmentalised, Convenient

Full Description

Any artist will appreciate the convenience of compartmentalised sections that allow for distinguishing between used and unused tools. Stores up to 25 brushes.

Works Well With

Works Well With

217 Blending Brush

For Powders/Creams, Oval Shape, Blends Shadow


150 Large Powder Brush

For Powders, Rounded Shape, Dusts On Product


129 Powder/Blush Brush

For Powders, Full Rounded Shape, Shades Cheeks


219 Pencil Brush

For Powders/Creams, Pencil-Shaped, Defines Eyes

Overall Rating